Kyoukai no Kanata: I’ll Be Here

Well, seems that it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged Kyoukai no Kanata. Sure that Miroku Fujima was defeated and the crisis related to Beyond the Boundary was resolved after the TV series, but what’s important is that Mirai Kuriyama is back!

Nah, it seems that Mirai-chan got a case of amnesia. But in any case, here’s the sequel to the TV series and while it’s a two-part film duology, I’ll be talking about Part 2 which is called the Future Arc.

Meanwhile, here’s Hiromi Nase as he became the new head of the Nase household after the disappearance of his sister Izumi, and now he’s dating Shizuku Ninomiya in the middle of nowhere.

Just kidding, the reason why Hiromi is with Ninomiya-sensei is because…

…someone is targeting them, and it’s neither a rogue Spirit Warrior nor a Youmu.

I have a feeling that it’s something greater than just targeting Hiromi and Ninomiya-sensei!

Meanwhile, Mirai joined the Literature Club despite the fact that she previously a member of that club.

That’s great for Akihito Kanbara as he’s delighted to see Mirai back, glasses and all! Sadly, that wasn’t the case as Mirai couldn’t remember who she is and Akkey couldn’t tell her about it.

Heck, Mitsuki says that he doesn’t need to remind her of the days they spend together whether it’s good or bad.

But you know what, Mirai will eventually remember who she is!

Let’s move onto something more soothing as Akihito joined Mirai-chan for a walk at the park.

Yeah, it was a nice change of scenery for Mirai-chan to recall her memories. But it seems that it wasn’t necessary…

…when someone interrupted Akkey’s impromptu date with Mirai. I have a bad feeling that this might turn ugly!

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget that Mirai Kuriyama couldn’t fight right now as she has amnesia.

But then again, she’ll get her memories back when Mirai formed her sword from her cursed blood.

Yes, Mirai might be groggy but she’s back in action! But wait, who’s attacking Mirai Kuriyama?

Wait, isn’t that Izumi Nase? What is she doing here attacking both Mirai and Akkey at the park!?

Damn, I knew that it’ll turn ugly as Izumi is targeting Mirai Kuriyama, better get out of here before it gets worse!

In any case, Mirai-chan stays at her apartment. Unfortunately, it’s a bad idea to leave Kuriyama by herself as she’ll be visited by a certain figure who previous appeared in the TV series…

And that’s- Wait, isn’t that Miroku Fujima? He’s supposed to be dead, right!? Damn, this is worse than I thought…

Look, he’s going to corrupt Mirai Kuriyama by bring the darkness inside of her.

Oh God, this is gonna be a hectic battle ahead as Fujima finally broke Mirai emotionally, which is worse than bringing Akihito Kanbara to his youmu side!

Meanwhile, Akkey is rushing towards scene where Miroku Fujima is hiding together with Mitsuki and Ninomiya-sensei.

Then again, seems that Fujima doesn’t need to hide anymore as he wants to turn the world into a wasteland ’cause why not!

Oh yeah, and I have to tell you that Miroku’s death was planned all along as he implanted a special youmu strand onto Izumi-san before the series. So when Fujima was killed by the head of the Nase family, he can control Izumi whatever he wanted. Then again, Fujima doesn’t need to possess anybody not even his original (and decayed) body!

Speaking of Izumi, she’s here to harass anyone just for the hell of it. You know what, I think family bonds should calm her down…

…as Hiromi shows that holding hands and a hug would get Izumi-san back to her senses!

That’s good for the current head of the Nase family, family bonds works!

Meanwhile, Mirai Kuriyama is here and while she’s sporting black hair, Mirai is still dangerous!

As you can see here, Akihito took the brunt of her attack. Damn, this is worst!

On the other hand, seems that Akkey has some other plans…

…like going inside Mirai’s heart where she has bad memories of being treated as a monster. Well, it was a same for Akihito since he’s cast as an outsider for being half-youmu.

On the other hand, it turns out that Mirai’s mother asked Akihito’s mother to make her body into a ring that’ll retained Mirai’s cursed blood.

In any case, Akihito finally found Mirai-chan and damn she was an emotional wreck after being manipulated by Fujima!

Speaking of Fujima, I want his ass kicked the second time around should that bastard comes back in the hypothetical second season!

But let’s move onto the scene where Akkey hugged Mirai-chan, telling her that “he’ll be there” when something bad happened.

After all, the subtitle “I’ll be here” isn’t just a subtitle. C’mon, when you have a bad day or things got out of hand, you have someone to lean on, which is how Akihito Kanbara shows that he’s there for Mirai Kuriyama!

In any case, all’s well that ends well as Akkey’s mother and the Nase siblings got great news…

…that Akihito and Mirai returned to the real-world. That’s great, but I’m still salty about Fujima’s dickish move on this movie!

But anyways, there’s much rejoicing and it seems that Hiromi is happy to put his hands onto Akkey’s armpits. Yeah, he sure miss those warm armpits!

Well, that’s about it for Kyoukai no Kanata: I’ll be here. Gotta say that despite Fujima ruining things for Akihito and his friends, the film sequel did well that it’s not only spectacular (as always from Kyoto Animation) but the ending is more satisfying than the TV series.

Of course, I want another season of Kyoukai no Kanata but KyoAni is busy adapting another KA Esma Bunko title.

Well, I’ll leave it here with Mirai Kuriyama smiling again! I’ll see her in the future… if Kyoto Animation goes back to this series.

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