Active Raid -Mobile Assault Division, Unit 8- Episode #01

Here’s an original anime series by Production IMS where it took inspiration from Toei Company’s Metal Heroes.

Anyways, this is Unit 8 of the 5th Special Public Security Section where they apprehend criminals using powered suits called “Willware”, and these two agents are part of that unit which consists of Souichirou Sena on the right, and Takeru Kuroki on the left.

Together, these two are responsible for dealing Willware-related crime that the police couldn’t handle.

Now for my first impression on Active Raid as it turned out to be good so far. While Production IMS made good use of CGI to the Willware suits, I’m worried that they might run out of budget again just like OreTwi when using traditional animation in some areas.

Other than the animation, the story of Active Raid is somewhat good and it seems that Unit 8 aren’t just a bunch of misfits, they’re just a bit quirky that’s all!

In any case, Unit 8 managed to stop some minors from doing more trouble that they’re bargain for. All’s well that ends well for both Sena and Kuroki…

Well, except for this new recruit named Asami Kazari who apart from saying Engrish lines at some point, she’s doubtful about their capabilities and well as their lack of discipline.

Anyways, looking forward for Active Raid!

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