Dagashi Kashi Episode #01

Note: It’s supposed to reference Italy, not France!

This is a Weekly Shonen Sunday manga adaptation by Feel where it revolves around this cute girl named Hotaru Shidare and her quest to turn a candy store into one of the best in the world!

Unfortunately, Hotaru is not the owner of a local candy store as she’s a heir to a large candy-making company. So, who’s the owner of this candy store at the countryside?

Well, this guy named Coconuts- I mean Kokonotsu Shikada!

Then again, he aims to become a manga artist just like Moritaka Mashiro from Bakuman, something that his father wouldn’t want that as their family-owned candy shop might get abandoned.

On the other hand, Kokonotsu has a better grasp of managing a candy store, something Hotaru would get interested at him. But then again, he still dream of becoming a successful mangaka someday!

Meanwhile, I would like to introduce Saya Endou who is working at their family-run cafe. Also, Saya has a crush on Kokonotsu in which she could’t express it!

Yeah, that’s something her brother Tou-san would laugh and mock Saya for being an idiot. Then again, Tou-san would get his ass kicked by Saya afterwards!

Anyways, Dagashi Kashi looked good so far with two stories aired in a single episode. In any case, I’m looking forward on the next episode…

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