GATE: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri Episode #13

This is Lt. Youji Itami, as he and the rest of the JSDF have returned after a three-month hibernation.

While he’s busy dealing with the senators from the Empire inside the Special Region, the peace negotiations between Japan and the Empire is very crucial as they don’t want both countries to exhaust their resources to stage a pointless war.

Well, except for a few people and in addition to Emperor Molt, there’s Prince Zolzal who wanted nothing more than pillaging girls for his pleasure while drinking wine.

C’mon, Prince Zolzal doesn’t have time for peace negotiations as he want to wreck it! Of course, he should realize that the Japanese Self-Defense Forces have better hardware than the Empire… unless the government turned back at their army like slashing budgets for equipment and other resources.

Meanwhile, here’s Yao Ha Ducy as she wants to make amends with Itami for kicking his ass back in Episode 11.

Of course, Yao won’t be apologizing Itami for the time being…

…as the Empire is about to get hit by an earth-shake, which is basically an earthquake but the local don’t know about the word “quake” yet.

Also, while the people with animal ears would notice it right away since they can sense danger quickly, the humans won’t sense it at all unless Lt. Itami and the rest alert them right away.

In any case, it’s up to the JSDF on saving the citizen or there would be more casualties ahead in next week’s episode!

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