Heavy Object Episode #13

Well, that was a “shocking” return after a one-week break!

In any case, Heavy Object has returned and while the boys are having a break after finding Break Carrier and let Milinda Brantini’s Baby Magnum destroy the Object, seems that Havia Winchell and Qwenthur Barbotage will have another mission at hand.

In fact, it’s gonna be a tough one as both boys must find an eccentric Object designer from the Mass Driver Conglomerate, Sladder Honeysuckle, deep with the ghost town of Amazon City.

By the way, remember Episode 12 where Qwenthur “rescued” Major Frolaytia Capistrano from marrying off to a douchebag named Halreed Copacabana? Well it seems that Milinda wasn’t happy on his dubious rescue methods that Frolaytia was branded as a slut. Oh yeah, and she’s obviously jealous that her ample chest couldn’t compare to Major Capistrano’s huge rack!

One more thing, Milinda’s Baby Magnum will be sortied on hunting down Sladder Honeysuckle, despite being damaged after dealing with Break Carrier last episode. Also, her role is to cover fire for both Qwenthur and Havia since they might encounter the mythical stealth Object from the Mass Driver Conglomerate.

Of course, they’ll have to be quick as time is running out for both Havia and Qwenthur. You see Sladder Honeysuckle is planning to seek asylum to the Intelligence Union, something that the Capital Enterprise would get pissed on having that designer spill some corporate secrets.

Coupled with the Legitimate Kingdom’s intervention, this could get ugly as the world would plunge into war when you have three superpowers collide in Amazon City, just for an Object designer!

In any case, I’ll see you on the next episode…

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