Durarara!!×2 Episode #25

Oh look, here’s Shinra-san as he got out of his bed to see Celty Sturluson again. Of course, she always see him all the time!

On the other hand, it seems that Shinra’s apartment is getting a bit crowded lately. Then again, there’s trouble brewing in Ikebukuro right now.

By the way, seems that Namie Yagiri was rescued by Shingen Kishitani and his two temporary goons from Seitarou and Kasane Kujiragi, which is why she’s in Shinra’s apartment at the moment!

Anyways, here’s Part 3 of Durarara!!×2 and let’s move onto this scene where Shizuo got arrested and was interrogated by police over beating up a woman a few episodes back.

Come to think of it, seems that Shizu-chan is somewhat calm on this situation despite the fact that the authorities are being controlled by Saika.

Luckily, he was bailed out by Celty’s rival Kinnosuke Kuzuhara… somewhat. Then again, it’s just temporary as Shizuo Heiwajima will be incarcerated for the time being!

Had Kinnosuke didn’t show up, things would get ugly when Shizuo got ticked off pretty hard!

Meanwhile, Dollars is getting some reinforcements in the form of Hiroto Shijima, as he joined Mikado Ryuugamine’s group after his mini-drug cartel got busted.

For Mikado, he doesn’t mind about having an ally joining his crew together with Aoba Kuronuma and his Blue Squares remnants.

However, I feel that he’ll bite in the ass later if either Shijima or Kuronuma stab him in the back!

Moving onto Izaya Orihara as he’s about to be rescued by his circle of friends.

That’s right, the Dragon Zombie biker club are here to rescue their boss from Slon…

…even if it means kicking Izaya in the gut as Slon threw his body at Mikage Sharaku. Man, that’s so cruel, but Izaya deserve it for being a troll!

On the other hand, Slon got tasered by one of Izaya’s new buddies. I wonder who this person is?

Well, this bald guy named Kine as he handcuffed Slon so he won’t retaliate the next time he regained his consciousness.

Now then, where’s Izaya Orihara?

Oh look, he appeared to be a-okay after gritting his teeth and taking Mikage’s roundhouse kick!

By the way, since Slon is about to lock him up inside one of Kasane Kujiragi’s hideout, it’s a big opportunity for him and his friends to make a surprise party for that Saika weilder. I can’t wait for that!

For now, I’ll end this episode where a new group (or guild) was formed to counter both Ryuugamine and Orihara’s factions, as well as finding out who’s really behind this disturbance in Ikebukuro.

By the way, seems that this new group will have Celty Sturluson as their leader. While she wanted to get her head back from Izaya, Celty’s role as the face of this newly-formed guild would be a humongous task!

With that said, I’ll see you on the next episode…

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