Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation Episode #01

Here’s an anime series that promotes the MMORPG game Phantasy Star Online 2. Yes, I remember playing Phantasy Star Online (Well, the offline version) but I felt lazy to play PSO2 as I’m busy with real-life commitment apart from blogging anime.

Anyways, unlike other anime adaptations of various action role-playing games like GOD EATER, the story of PSO2 The Animation revolves around playing the game itself through the eyes of the male protagonist Itsuki Tachibana, who just started playing the game because the student council president of Seiga (SEGA, get it?) Academy said so.

Said council president happened to be the ace student Rina Izumi, who happened to play PSO2 by herself… as a CAST character named SORO. Get it, “Solo”? But in any case, seems that Itsuki-kun is getting the hang of playing PSO2 thanks to her help!

And speaking of this anime, did you know that Telecom Animation Film is a subsidiary of TMS Entertainment Co., Ltd., which that animation company was owned by SEGA. So it’s no surprising that Telecom Animation Film put references to their parent company like a Sonic logo for instance.

Now for the series itself as I find myself bored on watching PSO2 The Animation, as I found Itsuki Tachibana very plain for a character who often called as a “handyman”, so therefore I’m worried that this show might turn out to be bad.

In any case, I’ll save my final judgement on the last episode. But for now, I’ll see ya next week where a new character arrived at Seiga Academy!

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