Shinmai Maou no Testament Episodes #14 & 15

Let’s start right away with Jin Toujou taking on the current demon lord Leohart as payback for causing trouble to his son Basara as well as Mio and Maria Naruse.

While it’s cool to see them fighting, the only that’s important for Shinmai Maou no Testament is the ample amount of fanservice thrown right at the viewers!

Anyways, this is the second half of Shinmai Maou no Testament (with the subtitle called “Burst”) where you have Basacchi enjoying his school life together with Mio Naruse and Yuki Nonaka.

While Basara has volunteered to help the committee on holding a sports event at their school, seems that Mio and Yui are worried that his powers might go out of control as Yahiro Takigawa warned about it.

Speaking of Basacchi, seems that he’s being targeted lately other than Mio. On the other hand, using civilians to do the dirty work is nothing more than cowardly just like any other villain out there!

Good thing Kurumi Nonaka is here to back him up and turn the civilians back to normal.

While it’s a godsend that she lend him a hand, I think Kurumi would get angry at Basara’s other business back at the Toujou residence…

…when Mio and Yuki wore lingerie and dog ears to become his bitches. Yes, and it’s all in the purpose of getting stronger!

Apart from Basacchi, Kurumi couldn’t believe it that she saw something lewd!

On the other hand, does these two girls wearing sexy underwear make you turn on?

Well, how about now? C’mon, seeing both Mio and Yuki suck Basacchi’s feet as if they’re licking his penis, might get you a boner and just jerk off somewhere!

And look, Kurumi is joining the ride too! While Yuki’s little sister claimed that she’s more mature, seems that the only part that matured is her tits!

Also, I forgot to tell you that Kurumi is under Maria’s seductive spell, so you’ll have her moaning when Basara suck Kurumi’s lovely armpits!

You never cease to amaze me, Maria Naruse! But let’s move onto the sports festival, shall we?

And by the way, Basara is joined by Tachibana-san who is very meek towards people.

On one hand, I wonder if Tachibana is hiding something…

Anyways, time for the sports festival to start right away, where you have the main trio competing in various events like a four-legged obstacle race!

Then again, seems that the way both Yuki and Mio pop their balloons would make those parents cover the eyes of their kids.

Also, those balloons are filled with specially-made goo that melts clothes. Then again, it’s all in Maria’s head as the four-legged race went off without any incident!

Well, everything seems normal right?

Until someone throw a tornado at the sports ground, which disrupts the festival.

Good thing Basara used Vanishing Shift to dispel the tornado. Now then, let’s find out who’s really behind this?

How about Tachibana-san as he revealed himself to be a vampire-in-hiding. Then again, he’s not the culprit as Tachibana wants to live a normal peaceful life!

By the way, Tachibana can be compared to Highschool DxD’s Gasper Vladi, except that he’s capable of defending himself with his claws. Of course, Tachibana-san got nothing on Gaspar… in later volumes of Highschool DxD!

Next up is Hasegawa-sensei. Could it be that she’s the main perpetrator? I mean, Chisato-san blocked Basara’s attacks and destroyed his sword Brynhildr with her bare hands!

Then again, there’s no way Hasegawa-sensei is the main culprit as Jin Toujou would just kill her right away. So, who was responsible for this attack?

Well, how about Mamoru Sakazaki then. Sure that he told Basara to stay away from Chisato Hasegawa, but I doubt that Basacchi would believe to his story!

So, he attack Sakazaki-sensei anyway, confirming that he’s responsible for causing trouble at the school grounds as well as controlling people!

Well, it’s gonna be a piece of cake for Basara…

…except that it wasn’t the case as Sakazaki-sensei revealed himself as a war god of some sort.

Oh, and he took Kurumi hostage as well, something that demons would do that on a regular basis just to submit their foes.

Damn, now it looks like Basara is in a pinch!

Nah, make it a bloody bind for this exiled hero as Mamoru Sakazaki cut Basara’s right arm. Production IMS sure want to end the first two episodes on a cliffhanger, huh?

Fuck it, I’m just gonna wait for the next Blu-ray volume of Shinmai Maou no Testament!

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