Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu Episode #01

Well, seems that I found a show that’s sounds promising from Studio DEEN. In any case, this is a manga adaptation where you have an ex-convict named Kyoji who wanted to enter the world of rakugo.

Of course, his road would be a long and rocky one…

Anyways, Kyoji was inspired to take up rakugo because of this man, the 8th Generation Yakumo Yurakutei, who saw him perform when Kyoji was still in prison.

While he refused to have an apprentice, the 8th Generation Yakumo took Kyoji into his steed and called him as Yotarou.

Also, Yotarou met a young woman named Konatsu, which Yakumo took her after Konatsu’s father Sukeroku passed away.

Unfortunately, Konatsu’s relationship with the 8th Generation Yakumo is somewhat complicated. Both he and Sukeroku were rivals in the world of rakugo, and Konatsu blamed the Yakumo for her father’s death.

But we’ll save that backstory in a later time as Yotarou is set for his debut as a rakugo artist…

But then again, there’s his former yakuza boss who wanted him to do petty crimes just like old times.

Unfortunately for Kyoji’s (or Yotarou’s) former boss, he’s dead set on joining the likes of the great Yakumo!

And he proves it by making a stunning performance that caught the audience off-guard. While Yotarou was nervous at first, he did prove that he can perform at a live audience.

Of course, Yotarou got some help from Konatsu since her father was a rakugo artist. In fact, Yotarou’s performance resembled that of the late Sukeroku, something that Yakumo Yurakutei bothered by it!

So, he decides to let Yotarou go as his rakugo routine bored him that Yotarou fell asleep. Also, the 8th Generation Yakumo doesn’t even bother to train him in the first place.

But anyways, Yotarou was devastated by that announcement and without Yakumo, he has no place to return.

Then again, there’s Konatsu as she show sympathy to poor Yotarou. I mean, he did his best to become a rakugo artist!

On the other hand, since Konatsu is living under Yakumo Yurakutei’s house, I don’t think the 8th Generation Yakumo would welcome Yotarou… until he decides to tell him and Konatsu about his story with Sukeroku, which will be saved on the next episode!

In any case, I have to say that Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu could be one of the best anime series in Winter 2015, should Studio DEEN didn’t screw this manga adaptation up.

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