Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm Episode #01

This is an anime adaptation of a visual novel by Gonzo. Yes, the once great animation studio has become a shadow of its former self, with series like Blade & Soul and Kimi no Iru Machi being their worst offering in recent memory.

However, there’s a resurgence of some sort with shows such as Sore ga Seiyuu! and Dog and Scissors that are decent to watch. But with that said, I hope that their adaptation of Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm would be good instead of shit!

Anyways, the story revolves around Asuka Kurashina as she was fascinated on flying across four islands. Of course, Asuka was one of the heroines that the male protagonist can date and see the ending together.

So what about the main protagonist and where is he? Well, there’s Masaya Hinata as he’s dragged by Asuka, who is a newbie when it comes to using Gravi-Shoes. Don’t worry though as Masaya’s friend Misaki Tobisawa is towing Asuka-chan towards their local high school.

As for Masaya however, we’ll get to him in future episode but for now…

…Asuka challenged this girl named Reiko Satouin from Takafuji Academy to a duel. Little did she know that Reiko is one of the aces from that academy.

In any case, Asuka Kurashina and Reiko Satouin will play a game called Flying Circus, which players must tag either posts in any order or the opponent to score points.

Naturally, Asuka is a newbie when it comes to playing Flying Circus.

However, Masaya is here to give her some advice on scoring just one point against Reiko. I wonder if he previously competed in Flying Circus?

In any case, Asuka Kurashina made a point against Reiko Satouin by executing a air kick turn to recover and tag the opponent, something that Masaya and Misaki were surprised on Asuka’s comeback!

Well, I have to say that Gonzo did a decent job on the first episode so far. Let’s hope that on the next episode, they would continue this good run for AoKana!

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