Musaigen no Phantom World Episode #02

This is Ruru-chan, Haruhiko Ichijou’s Phantom partner who has a long and obnoxious name that I just call Haruhiko’s partner by her current nickname.

Also, this episode introduces a new character named Koito Minase, who is a loner but a powerful fighter in her own right.

And that’s because she shouts like a banshee, although it seems that Minase’s screaming voice wasn’t banshee-like.

But then again, it works against swarms of Phantoms although it won’t work against specific Phantoms that cancel noises.

Meanwhile, Haruhiko, Mai-cchi, and Reina are doing their usual Phantom-busting duty at a girls’ university dorm.

Unfortunately, both Mai and Reina must strip so that the Phantom will appear, which resembled a UFO with a web camera on top of it!

For Haruhiko however, I think he should act fast instead of looking at Mai-sempai and Reina’s half-naked bodies!

Luckily, he has an ace on his sleeve. Since Reina-chan can only inhale Phantoms without much effort, Haruhiko must step it up in place on his capturing ability.

So, Haruhiko resorts to summoning a Phantom from his sketchbook. What he summons is a demon named Marchosias…

…who appeared as a cute little dog with wings. Aww, isn’t it cute!?

Then again, Haruhiko couldn’t believe that his supposedly bad-ass demon has turned into a puppy! I hope Marchosias is useful…

And look, Haruhiko’s summoned Phantom can do its job by tackling down the UFO Phantom so that Reina-chan can inhale it whole!

Well, looks like Team Mai did a great job on sealing a Phantom… although it seems that they’ll have to pay up for damages at the girls’ dormitory.

Now then, I hope that they recruit Koito Minase on the next episode!

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