Active Raid -Mobile Assault Division, Unit 8- Episode #02

This is Rin Yamabuki, the acting chief of Unit 8 who always apologize a lot for her unit’s collateral damages when dealing criminals.

Well, it can’t be help since most of the baddies are using Willwears. Also, Rin-san got sick of saying sorry to her superiors most of the time!

Meanwhile, here’s the arch-enemy that the Eighth will face in the daily basis, although this guy will just let someone do the dirty work for him.

Anyways, this is Mythos from Logos and he’s responsible for turning ordinary people into deranged criminals using Willwears!

One example is this criminal wearing a fire-fighting Willwear that’s equipped with chainsaws!

By the way, he’s rampaging at Kouki Education Academy, something that Rin Yamabuki is seriously worried about it.

You see, she has a sister named Hinata who looks exactly like Rin, except for eye color. Unfortunately for Hinata-chan, she was kidnapped by that deranged chainsaw-wielding criminal.

But don’t worry though as Unit 8 will take care of it, but neither Kuroki nor Sena would deal with the perpetrator.

So, they let the new meat Asami Kazari apprehend the criminal by using the Oscar VI Willwear. Speaking of the Oscar series, I wonder who’ll use Oscar III to V?

Anyways, Asami’s first sortie is a rocky start as her Oscar VI is plagued with popups. But after some fixing from their chief mechanic, she can fight without being distracted.

In any case, it’s time for Kazari to finish this by kicking the criminal very hard…

So hard that it destroyed a nearby building. Whoops, looks like Kazari put too much power on her kick!

Well Asami Kazari, I officially welcome you to Unit 8 ’cause you’ll have some explaining to do on doing collateral damage!

On the other hand, there’s good news as Hinata is safe. Then again, Rin will have to apologize to her superiors again for wrecking another property!

Anyways, onto the next episode…

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