Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Episode #01

On this first and last episode, the main character died while saving a girl from being hit by a car! Well, this guy deserved a medal…

Nah just kidding, seems that this young man named Kazuma Satou died from peeing his pants. Damn, that was unfortunate! *chuckle*

Anyways, it seems that Kazuma will have to cross the road towards Heaven!

That’s until a goddess named Aqua who apart from not wearing underwear, gave Kazuma some options on his future.

So, Kazuma decides to renew his life by going to a parallel world, where he becomes an adventurer to save the world from a generic demon lord.

Also, he chose Aqua to be his partner and while she’s still not wearing underneath, Kazuma believes that her goddess powers would work wonders on aiding his quest!

But without further ado, let’s enjoy the world where both Kazuma and Aqua will fight monsters just like a typical role-playing game!

Unfortunately, what I got is this thing as Kazuma Satou work his ass off as a laborer. C’mon, I wanna see a fight against a monster like a smile or a goblin, not building walls!

But hey, there’s some partying with the local crowd so it’s not bad…

…except for Aqua in which she couldn’t handle alcohol! Wait a minute, enough for both of them doing menial task, I want them to go and save the parallel world!

In any case, I hope Kazuma and Aqua would travel and fight monsters on the next episode. On the other hand, seems that Studio DEEN did a good job on adapting KonoSuba!

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