Dagashi Kashi Episode #02

When it comes to making and eating candies, Hotaru Shidare is the girl in charge when it comes to selling sweets to children across Japan!

Also, she’s still wants Kokonotsu to succeed his father’s candy shop business so that Hotaru can recruit You Shikada to her family-run candy manufacturing company. C’mon, manufacturing candy and selling them is serious business…

So much that you imagine seeing different candy brands like Glico and Meiji locked in a tight war ala Mobile Suit Gundam!

Yes, you’ll see recognizable confectionery brands in Dagashi Kashi.

Meanwhile, let’s move onto Saya Endou as she started playing Menko, which is basically Pogs but Menko came first before the fad was spread further in the 90’s!

While she’s a beginner, Saya managed to get a hang of it that she flipped a card on her first try. Oh, and Saya managed to flip three cards at once!

Hell, even Hotaru and Coconuts are surprised by Saya’s skill! Everyone, we have a Menko master in Dagashi Kashi! #PogChamp

Anyways, see ya on the next episode…

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