GATE: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri Episode #14

Well everyone, the Special Region is hit by an earth-shake. While the locals are terrified that it’s the end of the world, the Japanese got used to it since their country is within the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Luckily, nobody got hurt and the capital suffered minor structural damage!

Meanwhile, Piña Co Lada invited the Japanese Self-Defense Forces to meet Emperor Molt. Yup, it’s an opportunity for both countries to make peace!

Then again, it’s not gonna be easy for the men-in-green to negotiate with the emperor!

Oh, and it seems that their meeting was interrupted by one of Emperor Molt’s children…

That’s right, it’s Prince Zolzal El Caesar and it seems that he has a slave on hand… A Japanese sex slave named Noriko Mochizuki in which Kouji Sugawara, Lt. Youji Itami, Sgt. Akira Tomita, and Sgt. Shino Kuribayashi are pissed by the sight of their fellow Japanese being treated like shit!

Ever since last year where two Japanese journalist were executed by ISIS, the government are trying to establish collective self-defense to protect their countrymen outside Japan. Of course, most of the citizens are opposed by it.

In any case, what will the JSDF do when you have a Japanese woman treated like a slave?

Well, here’s the answer as Lt. Itami shows that NO ONE TREATS THE JAPANESE LIKE DIRT!

In real-life, this would become a scandal in both Japan and the rest of the world. But for GATE, the JSDF would get away scot-free should they save Noriko from Zolzal!

See, nobody wants a fellow Japanese to be left for dead or being treated like shit!

In any case, they saved Noriko Mochizuki but it’s not over yet…

C’mon, Prince Zolzal doesn’t like seeing the JSDF do as they please and get away with murder!

Speaking of murder, I don’t think they shouldn’t underestimate the men-in-green when it comes to firepower.

Unless they ran out of ammo at this crucial moment, the JSDF are invincible as Sgt. Kuribayashi shows that she can put out a dozen men with her trusty Howa Type 64 rifle…

…punching ancient Roman armor and shield like a hot knife through butter!

Well, that was quick and those poor Imperial soldiers got served with lead!

Also for good measure, Sgt. Kuribayashi made an uppercut towards Prince Zolzal and beat his face up to a bloody pulp.

Yup, he deserves it for turning Noriko into his bitch!

And speaking of Zolzal’s bitches, one of his sex slaves named Tyuule stopped Kuribayashi from beating the prince to death!

But with that said, this is serves as a warning from Japan that they won’t tolerate anyone who treated their people like shit. Sure that they did some nasty things towards prisoners of war during World War 2, but Japan learned their lesson ever since.

As for Prince Zolzal, he sure learned his lesson that karma is a bitch for him. Then again, Zolzal is an idiot so he didn’t learn a thing!

Meanwhile, here’s one of Emperor Molt’s children named Prince Diabo, who was disappointed on Zolzal acting like a fool towards the JSDF.

By the way, Prince Diabo wanted to succeed the throne from Emperor Molt, but the emperor chose Zolzal to succeed as Emperor Molt wanted to control him from the shadows. Sucks to being second-in-line for Prince Diabo!

With that said, it’s the end of this week’s episode as Noriko Mochizuki will return to her family right after passing the quarantine period.

While it’s good news (and good PR) for the Japanese Self-Defense Force that they save Noriko, there are some who are trapped within the Special Region. I have a feeling that a few of them are already dead!

Anyways, I see you next episode where Tuka is getting lost, as she’s still searching for her father who is already eaten by the Fire Dragon.

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