HaruChika: Haruta to Chika Wa Seishun Suru Episode #02

Here’s the second episode of HaruChika where Chika Homura is busy recruiting new members, since she’s a beginner as a flutist.

Anyways, Chika tried to recruit a new prospect named Miyoko Narushima, who was recognized by her talent as an oboe player back in middle school.

However, Miyoko stopped playing the oboe due to unfortunate circumstances as Haruta Kamijou asked Mayu Nishikawa some questions about it.

It turns out that after her performance at the Fumon Hall, Miyoko received bad news that her little brother Satoshi passed away. That news shocked Miyoko so much and that’s how she didn’t play the oboe ever since.

On the other hand, Satoshi is fond of solving puzzle in which Miyoko treasure it in his memories!

Of course, there’s one puzzle that cannot be solved that Miyoko considered it as her punishment.

In any case, this is the puzzle that Miyoko mentioned. It’s a Rubik’s cube where all six sides are white, and there’s no way to determined if it’s scrambled or not.

However, seems that Haruta found a clue as Chika smelled oil at the Rubik’s cube.

It turns out that the cube was covered in linen that was painted in white oil paint afterwards. So how to solve this puzzle?

Well, how about paint the cube again to reveal Satoshi’s message buried underneath the zinc and linen cover. Yeah, that would make Miyoko very angry…

…that she slapped him in the face once the deed is done! Of course, it’s necessary to put closure so that Miyoko can finally play the oboe again.

See this one? It’s a congratulatory message from Satoshi, so this Rubik’s cube wasn’t cursed or anything!

And look, Miyoko got teary-eyed after seeing her late brother’s message. But in any case, Miyoko felt relieved that her burden has finally lifted, and now she finally joined the brass band club!

Anyways, see ya next episode and I hope that Chika-chan would get better on playing the flute. I mean, she doesn’t want to embarrass her fellow musicians by making mistakes!

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