Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm Episode #02

This is Masaya Hinata and while you’ll find it weird that he’s sneaking to his own, the reason for that…

…is because of this girl. Don’t know if Gonzo would make it as a running gag, but I wish that she’ll be formally introduced later!

On the other hand, Masaya was recruited by the Kunahama Institute Flying Circus Club, which it has reduced to a fan club instead of a proper one.

Then again, he refused to join the club for personal reasons…

However, the Flying Circus Fan Club got new recruits. In addition to Asuka Kurashina, there’s Misaki Tobisawa and Mashiro Arisaka who joined the club because they got nothing to do!

On the other hand, Misaki knows how to play Flying Circus so when she challenged Asuka-chan…

Well, this is the result as Kurashina got curb-stomped by an experienced player like Tobisawa. Heck, her air kick turn was useless as Asuka couldn’t perform it the second time around!

Still, she’ll get better as Asuka will be trained by Masaya-kun on the next episode. And speaking of next week, there would be a joint training camp between Kunahama Institute and Takafuji Academy, which I think it would turned out badly!

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