Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Episode #02

Finally, we got some action on this episode as Aqua shows how a top-ranked Arch Priest can do, using her fists that’s evoking Domon Kasshu from Mobile Fighter G Gundam!

Then again, her fists do nothing as Aqua is not skilled in hand-to-hand combat. So much for her God Finger Blow!

And look, seems that the goddess was eaten by a giant frog so it’s sucks for her. Better take that frog out before Aqua turned into bones, Kazuma!

Well, looks like these two need an ally to clear some quests since this world is like a role-playing game.

In any case, meet Megumin as she joins both Kazuma and Aqua ’cause having two isn’t enough.

Anyways, she’s an Arch Wizard who specializes in explosion magic, but did you notice her left eyepatch. I have a feeling that Megumin has eighth-grade syndrome, meaning that she doesn’t have any magic at all!

Scratch what I said as Megumin can cast explosion magic, but she still act like an eighth-grader so it can’t be help then!

Oh, and not to mention that Megumin can cast magic for one day, meaning that she’s useless afterwards.

Well, having chuunibyou is one thing but cast a single magic that tires your body out? That’s so pathetic! Maybe Aqua and Kazuma should need more members…

And then they have another in the form of a crusader named Darkness.

Yes, that’s her name and I have a feeling that things might turned out bad when Darkness-chan joined the party!

See, even Kazuma can feel that it’s going down from here!

Well then, I’ll see ya next episode and good luck to both him and Aqua-sama!

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