Musaigen no Phantom World Episode #03

Well it seems that Koito Minase won’t be joining them for the time being, but here’s Episode 3 were both Mai-sempai and Haruhiko are sight-seeing.

What, are you expecting a date for both of them? Not a chance though as there’s a real reason for it!

See these two girls? They’re Phantoms who are guarding the bridge and beating people up.

Of course, they’re not here to just harass ordinary folks as they’re aiming at Mai Kawakami, who they have a grudge on her back then. As for Mai-cchi however, she doesn’t remember it at all!

Also, she was knocked out cold as both Phantom girls trained their whole life to beat Mai Kawakami!

Meanwhile, Mai’s head is about to hit Haruhiko’s noggin as he tripped and fell. I don’t expect them to share memories…

Yet they do as Haruhiko managed to find Mai-cchi’s memories, ranging from her childhood days to her martial arts skills.

On the other hand, I wonder if he can see Mai’s three sizes?

In any case, Haruhiko copied Mai-sempai’s martial arts skills and he’s about to unleash it…

…onto these two Phantom girls that Mai fought previously. Afterwards, Haruhiko passed out since his body isn’t ready for battle!

Oh wait, he’s fine as Haruhiko joined Mai-sempai to perform a finishing move.

That’s right, a finishing move that Mai Kawakami wanted to perform after watching an anime similar to Hokuto no Ken: The Tornado Wheel of Hell!

With that said, the Phantom girls were defeated. Of course, Mai got embarrassed as her childhood memories wasn’t sweet as she thinks of it. I guess Mai-cchi needs to recall her memories- Oh wait, it’s a pain in the ass to remember something!

Anyways, I’m gonna end this episode with this new character whose hair is shaped like lop bunny ears. I wonder what power she has on the next episode?

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