Active Raid -Mobile Assault Division, Unit 8- Episode #03

After last week’s episode, it’s time to celebrate Asami Kazari’s first sortie by cosplaying as Amu Shinmei.

C’mon, the people at Unit 8 are looking for it! And by the way, I would like to tell you that Amu Shinmei is actually male, just to let you know if you like cute shota boys that looked like girls!

Anyways, Unit 8 are having a great time…

Except for Souichirou Sena, who is doing his usual police duty that he doesn’t have time for parties.

In fact, Sena-san doesn’t like how his unit acts that he tries to transfer to Osaka. But you know what, I feel that Souichirou’s attitude will change in future episodes.

For now, let’s move onto the crime scene where Amu-chan is being harassed by a 36 year-old idol otaku wearing a prototype Willwear.

At first, the perpetrator decided to leave after Amu-chan refused to accept his request…

But then, someone controlled the Willwear remotely, leaving the idol otaku helpless. Now then, who’s controlling this prototype multimedia-making Willwear?

Well it appears that one of Mythos’ friends named Doc who’s taking control over the Willwear.

But you know what, Doc got nothing when Mythos is still king when it comes to controlling Willwear like he’s playing a video game!

But let’s apprehend the criminal quickly as Souichirou Sena shows how to act like a cop by the book!

Yes, he’s cool that Souichirou acts like a calm professional…

However, seems that the enemy Willwear can disrupt communications using noise, leaving both him and Kuroki dazed and confused that they hit each other in the face!

Yeah, sneaky right?

Oh and to make matters worse, the criminal managed to remove the batteries of both Oscar I and II, leaving them vulnerable and exposed to the public!

One more thing, looks like Doc got booted out as Mythos takes over the controls, pulling ninja moves like it was nothing. See, I told you that he’s like playing a game!

Not until Kazari makes her move by posing as Amu Shinmei to motivate the idol otaku on taking control over the Willwear, while the chief mechanic tries to re-install the batteries on both Oscar I and II.

Then again, seems that we’re missing something. Oh wait, why not have Unit 8 turn Asami Kazari’s Oscar VI…

…into the trap idol via virtual reality, and a bit of Autotune since Kazari can’t sing well.

Gotta say that she did decently on emulating Amu-chan, even though Asami is embarrassed by it!

Oh, and it’s good timing too as Souichirou Sena managed to disable the multimedia-making Willwear without injuring the idol otaku inside.

So yeah, all’s well that ends well for Unit 8. Amu Shinmei is safe and nobody got hurt, so it’s all good right?

Not until some asshole reporter shamed them by blaming the destruction of the concert hall. Come to think of it, I wonder if that reporter is in cahoots with Mythos?

In any case, it’s gonna be a big mess to clean up next week!

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