Dagashi Kashi Episode #03

Here’s Hotaru-chan and she’s eating cup pork ramen on a hot and steamy Summer day… literally!

By the way, she broke the air condition at the Shikada Candy Store, meaning that it’s her fault for ruining some of the merchandise.

Also, the fact that Hotaru added steam to the equation turned this candy store into a sauna room, which is worse for candies!

By the way, Tou Endou is there to join Kokonotsu because he has nothing to do but watch Hotaru Shidare eat ramen…

…and get drenched by her own sweat. See the bra under her shirt? That’s hot and Tou-san liked it!

Also, Hotaru shows to Tou-san the joy of eating candy, by throwing the citrus candy onto his mouth like an ace pitcher!

And look, she throw right at the strike zone! Now let’s see if Tou-san liked it?

Well, he did taste the candy and liked it that Tou-san gave a thumbs up! Still, he’s interested in Hotaru’s tits after seeing her naked on the first episode.

Anyways, see ya next week for more Dagashi Kashi! As for the air-conditioner though, it was fixed after this episode.

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