GATE: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri Episode #15

On this episode, Prince Diabo is very pissed that Emperor Molt chose Prince Zolzal over him!

Yeah, a fool like Zolzal leading the Empire would be disastrous according to Diabo…

But for Tyuule, her master being appointed as the heir would be the start of her vengeance.

While we don’t know what’s the reason for her revenge, but Tyuule wants the Empire crushed by the Japanese and suffer condemnation at the same time!

Meanwhile, we have Tuka Luna Marceau stricken with grief as she heard the devastating news that her father was eaten by a Fire Dragon. Yeah, she doesn’t take it well with that horrible truth!

On the other hand, who told Tuka about it?

Well it’s none other than Yao Ha Ducy, whose elf village was attacked by a Fire Dragon.

While she wants to avenge the death of her fellow dark elves, the fact that Yao bluntly told Tuka that her father died is the worst coming from her!

For the time being, Lt. Youji Itami will act as Tuka’s father. And the reason why Tuka chose Lt. Itami is because of her defense mechanism, which Tuka saw him as if her father is still alive.

And speaking of parents, there’s a backstory for Lt. Itami as his mother killed his father, which puts her to a mental institution. While there’s speculation that Youji’s parents have a bad relationship, but the thing is that he’s still haunted by it!

So yeah, Lt. Itami will act as Tuka’s father, but the only way to move her forward was to kill the Fire Dragon, which is easier said than done as Lt. Itami can’t send his troops to die miserably should they screw up!

But then, Youji decides to go for it as he was convinced by this old fellow who has prosthetic limbs. Little did he know that this old fellow was none other than Lord Duran, who is still recovering little by little.

Let’s hope that Lord Duran will play a role in future episodes should he remained alive…

In any case, I’ll see you on the next episode where Lt. Youji Itami will hunt down the Fire Dragon. Of course, he won’t go alone as Lt. Itami brought Tuka, Lelei, Rory, and even Yao too along the ride!

Well then, godspeed and happy hunting for these people!

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