HaruChika: Haruta to Chika Wa Seishun Suru Episode #03

Here’s Chika-chan again as she’ll still suck at playing the flute. Then again, Chika will get a personal training with Kusakabe-sensei… or maybe not!

In any case, the Brass Band Club are busy recruiting members to make up for Chika Homura’s inexperience…

Starting with a Chinese-American exchange student named Maren Sei. While he’s a good saxophone player, Maren didn’t join the Brass Band Club right away and instead joined the Drama Club.

The reason why he stayed away from playing the saxophone is a bit complicated. You see, Maren was put up to adoption due to China’s one-child policy (which ended this year) by his biological parents as they wanted him to fix his legs and have a good life outside China.

While he was adopted by American parents who not only healed his legs but they’re great musicians, Maren was somewhat bothered when he got a suitcase from his biological parents from Suzhou, China. They told Maren that he has a younger brother now and they wanted to see him again, something that he doesn’t want to go as Maren felt that they abandoned him.

By the way, since I’m talking about adoption, there’s a recent news that Jiajia was adopted by American parents (via CNN) thanks to a crowd-sourcing campaign by the Wilsons. Let’s hope that the Wilson family will treat Jiajia well much like how Maren was treated fairly by his adopted parents.

But now, let’s move onto the main event where Haruta wants Maren to join the Brass Band Club, but he has to get past to these two Drama Club members named Shunya Nagoe and Yaeko Fujima in an Exit Game.

If Miyoko Narushima exited the stage, the Brass Band Club will lose their chance of taking Maren Sei.

So, Haruta will step it up as always to take Maren by making him exit the stage. In any case, the situation on this Exit Game is that the participants are criminals hiding from the police in Suzhou, China.

By using what he know about Maren Sei and bringing an imaginary dog to the stage, Haruta managed to convince Maren to leave the stage as he’s not involved in any criminal activities at all.

Oh and one more thing, it appears that the Exit Game was planned to convince Maren Sei to move forward as it turns out that his biological parents still love him, so he’s not abandoned at all as Haruta and Shunya brought his suitcase to prove that.

Anyways, Maren Sei finally got to play the saxophone again and joined the Brass Band Club. But come to think of it, having two parents loving Maren Sei is very nice as he’s blessed by it!

With that said, I’ll see you next episode…

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