Durarara!!×2 Episode #27

Hey everyone, there’s a tip in regards to Dotachin’s hit-and-run as we have this guy who’s responsible for putting Kadota into a coma!

We don’t know who he is, but this guy is working with Jinnai Yodogiri who got in a car accident. But you know what, Yodogiri is just hiding somewhere…

Meanwhile, here’s Haruna Niekawa as while she asked Anri Sonohara to join forces to get closer to their respective loved ones, Anri-chan refused Haruna’s offer…

And so, Niekawa decides to kill Sonohara and took Saika away form her by force. But you know what, there’s another Saika user who’s interested on getting Anri’s sword.

A person like Kasane Kujiragi who butted in and blocked Haruna’s attacks with her claws.

Oh yeah, and I would like to add that Saika can turn into any form, be it a Japanese sword or Kasane’s claws!

Heck, Kasana can even make wires that not only bind Haruna, but in can be used as a conductor to electrocute Niekawa until she passed out.

Still, Kujiragi decides that instead of just killing both Sonohara and Niekawa at the park, she resorts to peaceful methods like having a conversation (or a girl’s talk) with Anri and Haruna at a cafe somewhere in Ikebukuro.

In any case, I’ll end this episode where the Yellow Scarves are about to meet the head honcho of Toramaru…

That’s right, it’s Chikage Rokujo as he wants Masaomi’s gang to be taken over by him or get crushed by Toramaru’s wrath.

While Kida might refused to let his gang get subjugated by Rocchi, I feel that it’ll turn into a bad brawl on the next episode!

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