Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu Episode #03

Well, we have some bad news for this episode as the 2nd World War is underway that various rakugo stories are banned, leaving theaters empty for the time being.

Once more, the 7th Generation Yakumo Yurakutei and Hatsutaro will go to Manchuria to entertain the troops there, but they’ll not perform stories that are controversial.

In any case, Kikuhiko felt that he was abandoned once again!

Yet, he didn’t give up performing rakugo thanks to Hatsutaro as Kikuhiko becomes a breadwinner to support Yakumo’s mistress.

While he worked in factories during the war, Kikuhiko went to various banquets to perform rakugo after Emperor Showa declared that the war has ended. On the other hand, his performance got better has Kikuhiko started to like rakugo thanks to his friend and rival.

Now all he needs is to wait for the 7th Generation Yakumo and Hatsutaro…

Eventually, both Hatsutaro and the 7th Generation Yakumo returned to Japan after staying in Manchuria, which is great news as both of them are alive.

For Kikuhiko, it was sigh of relief that he finally re-united with his friend Hatsutaro after being away for so long! Thanks to his friend, Kikuhiko has a reason to continue to perform rakugo during those turbulent times.

With that said, both Kikuhiko and Hatsutaro left their master’s house to pursue their own path of rakugo. Of course, they’ll become rivals eventually…

For now, I’ll end this episode with an introduction of a new character named Miyokichi, who is searching for Yakumo Yurakutei.

On the other hand, it’s great to have Megumi Hayashibara returned!

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