Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm Episode #03

Well, here’s some Misaki fanservice as you can see her sideboob when she’s washing her body…

Then again, there’s Reiko Satouin as she’s gonna wash Misaki’s body, something that Mashiro Arisaka would get mad at- Wait, I think she’ll get washed too!

Anyways, here’s the third episode where Kunahama Institute and Takafuji Academy held a joint training camp.

By the way, here’s the captain of the Takafuji Flying Circus Club named Kazunari Shindou, who is a top-ranked player that won the national championship for his incredible skills.

On the other hand, Shindou wanted to challenge Hinata in a tournament, but it seems that it didn’t happened as Masaya quit playing Flying Circus due to unknown reasons and now he’s just coaching his players like Asuka.

Speaking of Asuka-chan, here’s the practice match where she faced Rika Ichinose, also known as Masaya’s neighbor who always wearing only her undies most of the time.

While it was a one-sided battle with Asuka being a beginner, she managed to get better against Rika where Asuka scored a point against the Takafuji starter. Still, Kurashina lost the match but it was a great experience for her!

Meanwhile, we have an intense match between Tobisawa and Shindou. While Misaki prevented Shindou from turning this battle into a blow-out, a loss is still as loss for Tobisawa due to her skill difference against the ace captain.

In any case, the training camp has ended but Kunahama Institute will have a long way to go. As for Masaya Hinata, I’m hoping that there would be answers on why he quit playing Flying Circus!

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