Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Episode #03

Here’s Aqua and it seems that the former goddess-turned-arch priest just learned Nature’s Beauty by using her newly-earned skill points.

Speaking of skill points, Aqua should learn useful skills instead of this party trick!

Meanwhile, here’s one of Darkness’ friends named Chris who teaches Kazuma some pilfering skills in exchange of taking his money back!

C’mon, having Chris showing this former hikikomori the ropes on becoming a thief would be useful!

Afterwards, Kazuma used his newly-earned skill points to learn Enemy Detection, Lurk, and finally Steal.

Naturally, he used his Steal skill to take his bag of gold back, but instead stole Chris’ panties instead. Damn, so it seems that Kazuma became a panty thief instead!

In any case, seems that Kazuma is ready to slay monsters with his new skills…

But it seems that he and his party member will have to settle on slaying (or capturing) a horde of cabbages.

They’re not only cute, but delicious and healthy too! Of course, having a large horde would overwhelm an adventurer!

Speaking of being overwhelmed, seems that Darkness-chan enjoyed being swarmed by cabbages by becoming a human shield, despite being a crusader who can’t kill an enemy just because she’s a freaking klutz.

Oh wait, it’s confirmed that Darkness is a klutzy crusader. And on top of that, she’s a freaking masochist! No wonder Kazuma is wary of letting her in, but it’s too late now as Darkness joined his party at the end of this episode!

Anyways, see ya next week…

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