Musaigen no Phantom World Episode #04

Reina Izumi, the Phantom Eater from Mai-cchi’s group was invited by her team-mates for a dine-in at a steak house!

And yes, Reina can eat as a many times as she wants that the waiter just gave up. While she’s having a great time with her friends, Reina is somewhat depressed back home as her parents are very strict. In fact, Reina’s sister left home which angered her mother and father.

Right now, she couldn’t talk it over regarding her powers as well as being involved in hunting Phantoms, which forced Reina to transfer schools despite the fact that she’s still has her Phantom-eating ability.

Meanwhile, here’s Koito Minase and while she won’t join Mai Kawakami’s group for now, seems that she saw a Phantom that’s abducting students lately.

And this is the Phantom that Minase mentioned in the form of an old-school bus, which bewitched the likes of Izumi into another world where she might not come back!

So what is this world she’s heading to?

Well, this one where Reina treated like a princess with her two adopted bunny parents. Yeah, isn’t it nice that she’s experiencing a happy family right now?

Unfortunately, Reina can’t continue like this forever as she needs to act brave and talk her biological parents over. In the end though, Reina Izumi got the courage to convince her parents to stay with her friends and hopefully, patch things up with her estranged sister someday.

By the way, I forgot to tell you that Haruhiko Ichijou has family problems as his mother got a fight with his father and left the house. However, Haruhiko believes that his mom will come back and reconcile. In any case, see ya next week!

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