Active Raid -Mobile Assault Division, Unit 8- Episode #04

Takeru Kuroki and Souichirou Sena, two police officers who have different personalities that they rarely talk to each other outside of missions. While Sena tries to solve the situation in an orderly manner, Kuroki goes gung-ho when dealing with criminals!

By the way, seems that Unit 8 resolved their mishap from last week’s episode off-screen. Why do Goro Taniguchi and his staff have to do this? I mean, this episode supposed to deal with mass media as they’re exposed for being a waste of tax money!

In any case, let’s get onto Episode 4 where Souichirou met his ex-girlfriend from the United Self-Defense Force: Miho Ooshikoushi.

Anyways, Ooshikoushi briefed Sena about the mission where he must disarm a bomb that was planted inside the airplane. But there’s a catch though as they couldn’t tell the bomb threat to the public, including one official from the National Diet, fearing that would incite panic.

On the other hand, I wonder if Mythos and his cracker buddies are involved on this threat? For now, it’s time for Soichirou to disarm the bomb neatly as possible. Of course, he can’t do it alone…

So therefore, we have Takeru tagging along despite Sena-san refused to have Kuroki as his partner on this mission.

But you know what, two cops are better than one…

…especially when things get out of hand like being swarmed by blow-up mascot dolls that hindered their bomb disposal.

Anyways, the bomb was defused and the airplane landed safely. However, there are a few people who don’t like having their landing schedule being delayed.

One example is this official from the National Diet who got sobered up after missing his daughter’s wedding ceremony.

Um, it can’t be help then and also, I think he’ll be on time for the matrimony! Now then, who’s responsible for this bomb threat?

Well it’s none other than Mythos and his merry cracker friends as they used the bomb threat to distract Unit 8 and the whole police force, just to find Orochi’s location.

While there’s no information of what Orochi is as it could be a secret prototype Willwear or a database, but I have a feeling that they’ll use Orochi because it amuses them!

Anyways, see ya next episode…

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