GATE: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri Episode #16

Meet Delilah, the cheerful bunny hostess from the local pub who like to see customers smile while kicking rowdy ones away from the bar!

You know what, behind Delilah’s smile lies a secret but I’ll save that for later…

Meanwhile, 1st Lt. Akira Yanagida strike an alliance deal with Lord Duran by letting the Japanese Self-Defense Forces roam freely within his domain just to kill the Fire Dragon.

In exchange, Lt. Yanagida asked Lord Duran to mine resources that aren’t gold or silver. Basically, natural gas or fossil fuel!

But let’s move onto the scene where Noriko Mochizuki desperately tries to contact her family, but no one is answering her calls so Noriko decides to end her life.

While she’s contemplating suicide, shouldn’t Noriko stay indoors instead of outdoors? I mean, she’s at high risk of being killed by a spy!

Speaking of a certain spy, this is where Delilah’s secret has finally revealed as she was ordered to kill Noriko and blame Princess Piña Co Lada for it.

As for that person who give Delilah the assassination order? That happened to be Tyuule as she wants the Empire go down in flames by the hands of the JSDF as her Formal Clan was slaughtered by Prince Zolzal and turned her into his bitch.

One more thing, Tyuule happens to be the queen of the Formal Clan. No wonder she’s a woman scorned who lost her place at the top and became Zolzal’s sex slave!

In any case, the JSDF don’t want someone assassinating their countrymen, especially Lt. Yanagida as he orders Delilah to put her weapon down and surrender.

While it’ll work on some people to minimize casualties, let’s not forget that whenever you have a weapon in the Special Region, it’s kill or be killed!

And that’s how Yanagida got stabbed in the belly be Delilah, but not before he unloads a full clip onto that bunny girl!

Yeah, right to the sides and that’ll put Delilah down for good. Wait, I don’t want both characters to die like this!

Anyways, both Akira Yanagida and Delilah went down. While both of them are in the operating room, their respective fate is yet to be determined.

In any case, I’m gonna close this post with the return of the Fire Dragon who terrorized Tuka’s village, and made the JSDF a run for their money as they only managed to blast the left arm and eye of the dragon.

Now, the Fire Dragon re-appeared to terrorize Yao’s village ’cause why not!

On the other hand, there’s Tuka as she’s still traumatized that her father was eaten by the Fire Dragon.

She tried to blast it away with some help from Lt. Youji Itami, but Tuka missed her chance. I guess she’s too wrecked to kill the Fire Dragon!

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode…

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