Durarara!!×2 Episode #28

Well, seems that Masaomi Kida decides to keep the Yellow Scarves away from Chikage Rokujo, and thus this fight happened. And while both of them are not backing down, seems that their duel will be cut short…

…when Ran Izumii and his gang are here to crash their brawl. And believe me, things will get uglier from now on!

While the city of Ikebukuro are dealing with various pockets of gang brawls as well as Celty’s head, we have Kasane Kujiragi having a girls’ talk with Anri Sonohara and Haruna Niekawa.

Unfortunately for Kujiragi, Anri-chan won’t let go of her Saika sword until then. Of course, Kasane-san won’t back down as she’ll come back to take Saika from Sonohara.

So while Kasane-san take her leave, Erika Karisawa came to tell Anri-chan that Kyouhei Kadota is starting to wake up from his coma!

That’s good news for Anri-chan and the rest of the Dollars, but I don’t think that perpetrator who run Kadota over will be pleased by that! Also, both Anri and Erika should be careful towards Kasane-san.

Meanwhile, there’s more good news as Shizuo Heiwajima got out of prison. Glad that it was sorted out…

…except that the police station that he’s staying got attacked. I wonder who’s responsible for that?

Wait, ins’t that Vorona? Why did she attacked the police station, and isn’t that Celty Sturluson’s head she’s carrying!?

In any case, I feel that Vorona sided with Izaya Orihara. But damn, I knew that this woman can’t be trusted! Well, Vorona can’t be trusted to begin with.

Finally, here’s a heartwarming reunion between a father and his estranged daughter.

Well actually, Shuji Niekawa is being controlled by Saika. Thus, he was forced to abduct Haruna to someone. I wonder who’s responsible for kidnapping her?

Wait, isn’t that guy who put Dotachin into a coma? Also, does he have a Saika sword of his own?

In any case, I have a feeling that this guy is a scumbag and he’s gonna molest Haruna Niekawa! Well then, off to next week’s episode!

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