Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation Episode #04

Well, after revealing her identity as SORO, Rina Izumi got bored on weekends so she invited Itsuki Tachibana to a PSO2 fan festival.

And you think that it’s a date, huh? Not quite!

In any case, it’s the ARKS Fan Festival where PSO2 players gather for various events such as selling merchandise, cosplay, and live performances.

Apart from that, you can meet various players in the festival. Yes, these people are PSO2 veterans and they came from various walks of life: Be it a little girl, a married couple, or an old guy!

Speaking of PSO2 players, a certain Kouta Kayano went to the festival to have some fun since he’s bored too!

Then again, Kouta should reconsider…

…that his friend Itsuki went there as well, and he’s having a great time with Rina-sempai. Talk about bad timing, huh!

So yeah, Kouta is depressed that Itsuki is dating with the student council president, even though they’re not dating.

Might as well have him enjoy watching cosplayers and take pictures with them!

Speaking of cosplayers, Aika Suzuki went to the festival and dress up in her PSO2 avatar character.

While she’s continuing to observer Itsuki from afar, seems that Aika sensed something bad that a disaster might happen in the real world. I wonder if that’s related to Phantasy Star Online 2?

In any case, seems that it’s getting a bit interesting on this series. But for now, I’ll see you next episode!

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