Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm Episode #04

This is Mashiro Arisaka, and the reason why she joined the Kunahama Institute Flying Circus Club is because of Misaki Tobisawa. Whenever Misaki-sempai goes, Mashiron follows.

Yet, seems that she’s the weakest link to the team as Mashiro couldn’t keep up with the likes of Misaki-sempai and Asuka-chan, not to mention having remedial lessons for failing English and Japanese History!

Also joining on this episode is Mashiro’s classmate, Minori Hosaka. She’s making a report regarding the revival of the Flying Circus Club.

But then again, Minori is doing commentary on Mashiron’s cram session because it amuses her!

Speaking of Kunahama Institute Flying Circus Club, there’s progress being made as Asuka Kurashina is getting better.

Oh, and she’s doing back-flips now. But then again, Kurashina is a genius ditz who performed unbelievable stunts by her instincts!

See, Asuka-chan just landed perfectly even though she did it on her first try. Even Misaki couldn’t believe it!

Meanwhile, Mashiron got some help from one of the starters from the Takafuji Academy Flying Circus Club. That’s right, it’s Rika Ichinose.

And since Arisaka is just a beginner when it comes to playing FC, Ichinose teaches her the basics until Mashiro started to get a hang of it. Afterwards, both Arisaka and Ichinose became friends despite being on the opposing team.

Oh yeah, and Mashiron got her own style of playing Flying Circus, which she uses her small body to move faster. Hence, becoming the speedster to the team!

Anyways, I’m gonna end this episode with a new character. I wonder if she’s the reason why Masaya Hinata quit playing Flying Circus?

With that said, see ya next episode!

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