Active Raid -Mobile Assault Division, Unit 8- Episode #05

Madoka Amano, the ace hacker of Unit 8 who has a mysterious aura to it. But the reason why she’s mysterious will be revealed on this episode.

And speaking of Episode 5, Unit 8 are dealing with a gambler named Ryou Onodera who got some help from Mythos and the rest of Logos.

Don’t be fooled by his looks as Ryou is an ace when it comes to playing poker, so much that he was banned for playing in casinoes. Oh, and he’ll launch missiles at random places whenever Onodera wins!

By the way, Onodera’s opponent is Yasuharu Funasaka but it seems that he’s struggling to beat Ryou at his own game. Not even cheating can break Onodera down!

Oh and one more thing, I forgot to tell you that Funasaka is suck at playing poker. He got lucky at the first round, but Yasuharu-san lost starting at the second round. So, what will Unit 8 do now on this situation?

Well, this masked girl named Bloody Mary. Actually, I’m gonna reveal the secret identity of Bloody Mary as Madoka Amano is the legendary gambler herself!

You see, Funasaka-san recruited Amano to Unit 8 instead of arresting her for illegal gambling, and that was four years ago. Now, the time has come for Mado- I mean Bloody Mary as she shows her legendary gambling skills…

…by delivering a Straight Flush, defeating Onodera and taking all of his money!

And look, he’s seriously shaken on his loss! Well, Ryou got served badly by Bloody Mary and therefore he gave up on firing missiles.

Of course, Logos will stick around on the next episode, as they might deliver a deadlier prank that Unit 8 couldn’t handle!

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