HaruChika: Haruta to Chika Wa Seishun Suru Episode #05

Well you look at that, Chika Homura is getting better at playing the flute and she’s now performing together with Miyoko Narushima.

Still, Homura is somewhat a dunce when it comes to solving mysteries. Sorry Chika-chan, but you’re stuck as the Watson to Haruta Kamijou’s Sherlock Holmes personality!

Speaking of Haruta Kamijou, he met a middle-schooler named Akari Gotou who is a bass trombone player and she’s interested in Haruta when it comes to solving mysteries.

By the way, Akari-chan asked Haruta for help regarding Elephant’s Breath and her estranged grandfather, who has amnesia upon returning to Japan in 1976 after staying in the United States for 10 years, leaving Akari’s grandmother behind.

And here’s Akari’s grandfather as he’s interested in seeing legs of young girls nowadays. Well, that’s what happens when he got amnesia after returning to his own country.

But, there’s a reason why Akari’s grandfather got amnesia and he somewhat saw Elephant’s Breath…

See these paintings of an elephant in the jungle where the differences is the color of the sky? Well, Akari’s grandfather went to America in 1966 where he supposed to become a successful artist there.

But he came at the wrong time as Akari’s grandfather experienced turbulent times in the United States. You have the Civil Rights Movement lead by Martin Luther King and then the Vietnam War, which he was drafted to kill communists there. So instead of having amnesia, seems that Akari’s grandfather suffered Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in which he doesn’t want to remember those horrible events back in Vietnam.

As for the paintings, it turns out that Akari’s grandfather saw an elephant resting in a safe area (hence the name Elephant’s Breath) and painted it. And as for the color of the sky, it’s actually made from herbicides sprayed by American forces during Vietnam War.

But with that said, another mystery solved by Haruta Kamijou. However, what this episode needs is closure from Akari Goto as she needs to break off the chains of the horrible past from her grandfather.

While I’m glad that Akari will try to reconcile with her grandfather, there’s still more to come for the Brass Band Club on the next episode. Let’s hope that in the next school year, Akari Goto will join the club and compete for the Nationals!

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