Musaigen no Phantom World Episode #05

Finally, a Koito Minase episode where it explores why she’s so distant to her fellow classmates, including Mai Kawakami’s Phantom-busting group!

But before we go to Koito’s reason of her melancholy, let’s introduce Kurumi Kumamakura as she’s taking care of the rabbits.

And speaking of rabbit, I’m digging Kurumi’s lop bunny ears!

Anyways, let’s move onto the main course of this episode as we have a Cerberus Phantom that has some connection with Minase-san.

You see, Koito got her banshee-like vocal power because of this Phantom. While she managed to seal it once before, Koito’s powers are so strong that everyone grew distant around her.

With that said, Koito Minase dealing with this Cerberus Phantom is a case of personal vendetta, as she’ll seal the Phantom again using her voice. Of course, this Phantom won’t have the same tricks as last time…

…as it has some new moves like a smoke attack that rendered Koito’s powerful voice useless.

C’mon, inhaling smoke is dangerous to your larynx and your lungs!

Anyways, Koito Minase is doomed and she’s about to get killed by the same Phantom. If there’s someone who can help her, I’ll be glad to!

Well, there’s is one now as Haruhiko Ichijou summoned his cute Marchosias for an upper-headbutt!

I’m glad that he came at the right place and at the right time. Of course, there’s more to come!

See this giant teddy bear? That belongs to Kurumi as Albrecht grew larger and throw the Phantom away…

…setting up for Mai-cchi for the final blow, which will be followed up by Haruhiko sealing the Phantom.

But then again, it turns out that they Phantom they faced on this episode is different from what Koito encountered in the past.

But hey, what’s important is that after saving her from being blown into bits, Koito Minase is starting to warm up towards Haruhiko Ichijou.

It’s a nice development and I hope she can made friends with Reina Izumi and Mai Kawakami. Anyways, see ya next episode where it’s Kurumi Kumamakura’s turn!

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