Dagashi Kashi Episode #05

Well, I gotta say that Hotaru Shidare is getting high on something that’s not candy. Don’t tell me that the Shikada Candy Store is just a front to sell cocaine and other illegal drugs?

Dammit You-san, I mean his face says it all that he’s selling coke to kids out there!

Just kidding, You Shikada is just playing like a drug dealer so he’s not into selling illegal goods that will put him behind bars and get executed afterwards!

On the other hand, You-san is making video reviews on some of his candy goods, with little success as he sucks at doing it in front of a web camera!

Well, only Kokonotsu can do it as he can do a better review of their product than his dad!

Gotta say that he’s fitting to become the next heir to the candy shop, but Coconuts wants to be a mangaka instead.

And now I’m gonna end this post where Hotaru Shidare tries her luck at Lottery Ramen.

Then again, she sucks at winning so Hotaru only gets a “miss” every single time. But hey, you can make a full meal out of 100+ pieces of Lottery Ramen!

Oh well, see ya next week then…

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