Durarara!!×2 Episode #29

Well, things got out of hand when Ran Izumii is involved in this brawl. Not only that, he busted Masaomi’s knee and shattered his right hand!

On the other hand, where’s Chikage Rokujo?

Oh, seems that Rocchi decides to bail Kida out from Izumii and his posse! Of course, he’ll still fight Masaomi in the future…

Meanwhile, a certain Kasane Kujiragi unexpectedly visited the condominium unit where Shinra Kishitani and Celty Sturluson reside.

Oh, and she suddenly kissed Shinra-san, something that Celty would get jealous of it!

Of course, there’s more to just kissing Shinra as Kasane kidnapped the doctor and turn him into one of Saika’s followers.

Yeah, that would tick this Dullahan off even more!

On the other hand, Kujiragi got an accomplice in the form of Vorona as while she still has Celty’s head…

…Vorona took Shinra-san with it, adding more fuel to Celty’s wrath.

And you know what, that’s how Kasane wanted to do at the beginning of this episode!

Finally, here’s Shizuo Heiwajima as he’s pissed as ever after Vorona attacked the police station and took Celty’s head!

On the other hand, seems that he met Celty’s trusty headless horse as it’s currently chasing Shinra.

Unfortunately, Shizuo couldn’t ride a horse nor having a motorcycle license. So, the only thing he could ride is a bicycle, which Shizuo is holding it right now!

That give Celty’s horse a nice idea as it took the bike and transform into one, perfect for Heiwajima to ride and pedal his way toward Vorona!

With that said, let’s hope that he’ll rescue Shinra although it seems that he’s still under Saika’s influence. Well then, off to next week’s episode!

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  1. Anime_Girls_NYC says:

    I was upset that Shinra was under Saika’s influence. Ugh I hope Shizuo can help him. Celts should have killed Saika. She has all these crazy supernatural powers. I don’t see why she couldn’t get out of the net Saika set up.

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