GATE: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri Episode #17

Well everyone, it looks like Tuka couldn’t handle the truth after being forced to shoot the Fire Dragon by Lt. Itami.

Now, she’s currently sleeping as Tuka doesn’t want to face the harsh reality ever again!

Meanwhile, Youji is training Yao’s dark elf clan on how to properly use a recoilless rifle (or a bazooka).

Then again, I doubt that they won’t use it effectively especially in the heat of the battle!

In any case, it’s time to hunt down that Fire Dragon inside its nest, where valiant warriors lost their lives while attempting to slay the dragon using magic swords and other weapons.

And while their recoilless rifles would slightly pack a punch against it, the only way to kill the Fire Dragon is by putting C4 explosives under the dragon’s feet, which is why Lt. Itami planted the explosive on its nest.

Now all he needs is to wait for the dragon to come back!

Unfortunately, the Fire Dragon returned early just as Youji finished planting those bombs.

And as you can see, this dragon is angry that its nest was intruded!

And while Yao’s tribe are equipped with bazookas, they couldn’t make a dent against the Fire Dragon and instead were burned to ashes.

It’s sucks, but that’s how it goes when dealing a dragon!

Luckily, Youji’s team is there to put an end to the Fire Dragon as Lelei la Lalena uses her magic…

…to lift a thousand swords and pierce the dragon through the gaps of its scale!

And finally, here’s Tuka Luna Marceau as she decides to face the truth and decided to strike the dragon with lightning!

Yeah, that would electrocute the Fire Dragon just a bit, and also the lightning would help it ignite the explosives! Now all it needs is a conductor…

Luckily though, those magic swords that Lelei throw at the dragon is all it needs to make those C4s go kaboom!

Yeah, that would put the Fire Dragon into the stone age! However, it’s not yet over…

In fact, someone attacked Rory Mercury while patrolling outside the dragon’s nest. I wonder who attacked her?

Well, it’s none other than Giselle who not only ambushed Rory Mercury, but also responsible for waking the Fire Dragon up!

Oh, and she has two baby dragons at her disposal as Giselle wants to capture Rory Mercury in order to force the demigod to marry her apostle, Hardy.

Man, Lt. Youji Itami and his party couldn’t catch a break after slaying its mother!

Luckily, reinforcements have arrived as the Japanese Self-Defense Forces have arrived to snuff the life out of the Fire Dragon’s children…

…using missiles, auto-cannons, and mortal shells! Well, these two young wyverns can’t stand a chance against the might of the JSDF!

And look, Giselle got scared that she got away! Where’s your god now, Giselle?

In any case, the Fire Dragon and its children are slain by the Japanese Self-Defense Forces. For Yao’s tribe, it’s a sigh of relief…

But for Tuka Luna Marceau, it was jubilation as she can smile again after overcoming grief over her father’s death.

I’m glad that she finally moved on, but Tuka will still call Lt. Itami as her dad. Well then, I’ll see you next week then!

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