Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Episodes #01 – #04

Well, after watching four episodes of this anime adaptation of Overlap Bunko light novel, I’ve decided to blog this series regularly as Haruhiro and his party got significant progress!

But before that, let me tell you what happened from the beginning until this episode. Oh, and don’t let the pastel-like visuals fool you!

As I said from my earlier post, Haruhiro and his friends were trapped into the world of Grimgar in which it was a role-playing game. However, they don’t have any memories from the real-world and thus Haruhiro and the rest of the players were thrust into this world without knowing who they were.

So while Reiji picked the most capable adventurers, the rest end up forming a team of scrubs consisting of Haruhiro the Thief, Ranta the Dark Knight, Yume the Hunter, Shihoru the Mage, Moguzo the Knight, and Manato the Healer.

Of course, they must learn from their masters first as Haruhiro learned the ropes from Barbara. Don’t let her sexy look fool you as she’s strict when it comes to teaching thief skills!

Since they’re newbies when it comes to actual combat, Haruhiro and the rest are struggling to kill a monster and that’s why Grimgar is slow-paced as they’re not overpowered players nor veterans. Oh, and one misstep could lead to death as it’s permanent just like SAO.

But it wasn’t until the second episode where the party scored a kill, although Ranta did the coup de grace in the most horrible fashion. I don’t mean that he sucked at killing a goblin, it’s just that Ranta stabbing the monster repeatedly while the rest of the party watch him is terrifying!

In any case, the party made a milestone but they barely made any money to cover expenses and supplies like food, arrows, and potions.

Heck, Haruhiro and the rest couldn’t afford to buy underwear as it’s all worn-out. And since they don’t want to ruin their first pair, the party resorted to not wearing anything underneath most of the time.

On the other hand, I like the interaction among party members as Shihoru and Yume shows, and it’s nice to have it in order to flesh out the characters more!

Also, liked how A-1 inserted some music from (K)NoW_NAME in some moments during the first four episodes. But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end…

…as Haruhiro and the rest of the party encountered powerful monsters that they couldn’t handle by themselves.

Once more, Manato was shot in the back by one of the goblins. Don’t know if the monsters shot a poison-tipped arrow, but it’s sad news for the party as Manato died in their arms.

Like I said, death is permanent if you’re not careful. But the most depressing thing happened is that Manato didn’t get a chance to know himself before breathing his last.

In any case, it’s a sad day for Haruhiro’s party as they lost a leader that helped them a lot during those tight moments!

And with that said, Manato’s body turned into ash where his remains will be carried by the wind. It’s better than having Manato turning into a zombie that forced Haruhiro to kill his fallen comrade.

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode as Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash got interesting after watching four episodes!

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