Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation Episode #05

Meet Tia and Patty, two girls who are information brokers but what’s interesting is that they’re actually NPCs.

Come to think of it, I wonder if SEGA read both Sword Art Online and Log Horizon that inspired them to make these life-like non-playable characters? Oh wait, they’re not yet ready to implement it to their PSO2 yet!

Meanwhile, seems that Aika Suzuki is getting a bit clingy towards Itsuki Tachibana lately, something that Rina Izum is very concerned about it.

Also, Aika is acting strange like adding PSO2 terms to her dialogue, having her pet Rappy appearing on her shoulder from time to time…

And not to mention jumping very high and landing safely that many on-lookers find it impossible!

But come to think of it, I was wondering if Aika Suzuki was once a non-playable character that got out from Phantasy Star Online 2 and into the real world? We’ll find that out in the future!

Now let’s go back to PSO2 where Rina logged in as herself, with the major difference is that Rina has bigger bust size in-game compared to her real world appearance.

While I wanted her to play as SORO, I guess Rina wants to play her first avatar for once!

Also joining Rina is Aika. That’s right, it’s Aika Suzuki for obvious reasons but it seems that Ai Ai is not interested on making friends with Itsuki and Rina-sempai.

But hey, Aika is badass that she defeated many Darkers together with her pet Rappy!

In any case, I’m hoping that Aika would open up to Itsuki and his friends on the next episode.

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