Angel Beats! Episode #15

Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you back to the world of Angel Beats! and while my previous posts of this series are somewhat sucked back then, my writing went better as time went on.

On the other hand, I’m glad that Key adapted Angel Beats! to a series of visual novels, although it’ll be a long time to complete six parts of the visual novel (not to mention translating them by Sekai Project should they pick this up).

For now, I give you this special episode to commemorate the release of the Blu-Ray box set last year.

So while this episode is titled as “Hell’s Kitchen”, it has nothing to do with cooking as the SSS Brigade are having a picnic.

But given that Yuri Nakamura hosted this picnic with the help from Tenshi and Ayato Naoi approving it, there’s a catch to this event!

You see, everyone at the Afterlife Battlefront are treated as enemies and they must kill each other in order to summon a demon.

Therefore, you have Ooyama taking out Takamatsu with a badminton smash…

…or T.K. being burned to death after dousing with gasoline! We salute you T.K., “get chance and luck!”

Oh yeah, and I forgot to tell you that Otonashi is the only survivor on this picnic event, after Hideki Hinata got caught in a trap and killed on the spot.

Speaking of traps, I have to say that the various club that made them are amazing!

By the way, I forgot to tell you that Girls Dead Monster are participating this picnic event.

You have Shiori Sekine and Miyuki Irie trying to kill their leader Masami Iwasawa with pitfalls!

However, seems that Iwasawa couldn’t be slain easily as she gets up right away. I wonder if she’s a superhuman other than the frontwoman of GirlDeMo?

Anyways, both Shiori and Miyuki-chi are frightened by their leader’s toughness, even though Iwasawa is not aware that both juniors are trying to kill her!

Well, only Hisako does as she’s trying to stop both of her juniors from killing off the leader of GirlDeMo.

That’s until Hisako was doused in fake blood. I wonder who throw blood on her?

Oh, it’s Shiina who did the dousing. Also, she has two cute toy puppies now!

Now then, I hope that Hisako being soaked in fake blood won’t turn it for the worse…

Well, forget what I’ve said as Hisako is enraged as if she’s possessed by a demon. Yeah, this is what Yurippe is planning for!

With that said, it’s time for Tenshi to slay the demon and bring Hisako back to her senses.

I mean, she’s the alpha and omega when it comes to dealing with Yurippe’s group from daily basis!

Oh wait, seems that Tenshi is no match for Hisako’s unstoppable rage as she fling the student council president away!

Hell, even Yuri Nakamura is terrified… except for Otonashi (just a bit) and Iwasaka.

While Iwasaka wasn’t aware that she’s been targeted the whole time, Otonashi thinks that Yurippe deserved it for reaping what she sown on this picnic event!

Anyways, that’s about it for Angel Beats! Episode 15 as Hisako massacred the SSS Brigade except for Otonashi and Iwasaka. As for Yurippe, I don’t know if she got slaughtered or not.

Well then, I guess it’s time for me to say good-bye to Yurippe and the gang. Of course, she’ll be there in the visual novels!

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