Shinmai Maou no Testament Episodes #16 & 17

Well, he’s almost there! If Basara loses his right arm, he can use his left…

…like this! And by the way, I forgot to tell you that the real Mamoru Sakazaki was dead.

But it doesn’t matter as Ornis, the god who became the new Sakasaki-sensei, is a scum and Basacchi will torture and mutilate his body!

Oh, and if you noticed right now that Basara got his right arm back, but it seems that he’s in a berserk state.

Then again, he won’t kill Ornis in that state so Basara was bind to a chain by someone…

Someone like Chisato Hasegawa who doesn’t like her student getting rowdy to a shitty god like Ornis, so she decides to eliminate Ornis by herself.

Also, Chisato-san has a real name: Afleia. Of course, I’m still calling her as Hasegawa-sensei!

In any case, Ornis was eliminated. But you know what, the only thing that matters is Hasegawa’s sexual healing!

See, this is what you guys wanted: Having Basara sucking Hasegawa-sensei’s tits like a madman!

Then again, it’ll be all just a dream as Basacchi won’t remember anything afterwards, including his berserk state.

But hey, the good news is that Basara Toujou returned to normal. On the other hand, I feel that Hasegawa-sensei needs some love… in the form of h-doujinshi!

Meanwhile, we have the current demon lord Leohart as he and his comrades are doing something devious…

…like unsealing the relic and use it to take over the demon realm! Well actually, we won’t know what Leohart’s plans in regards to the relic.

For now, let’s move onto the next scene where Mio Naruse was invited by Maria’s sister Lucia (or Rukia) to the demon realm and meet Ramsus, Wilbert’s brother.

Of course, she can’t go by herself so Mio brought Basacchi, Maria, and the Nonaka sisters.

C’mon, she might put herself in great danger, especially when someone wants to get a hold of Mio’s demonic powers!

Meanwhile, it seems that Zest has found a new life as a maid. I wonder who employed her after sticking with that bastard Zolgear from the first half?

Why it’s none other than Maria’s mother Shella. Although I’m grateful that she picked Zest up, Shella is interested in Basacchi especially his crotch!

On the other hand, seems that Shella’s daughters are having a punishment play.

Well actually, Lucia wanted to punish Maria for betraying Mio Naruse, but Basara will do it instead of having Lucia punishing her sister in a harsh way!

And the only way to punish Maria is by slapping her cute ass, by yours truly.

See, Maria is enjoying it when Basacchi slaps it hard! It’s way better than having Lucia bind Maria and whip her sister like there’s no tomorrow!

And if it wasn’t enough, here’s Kurumi-chan as she’s joining in after Basara is done slapping Maria’s ass. Of course, Yuki wouldn’t join on this occasion!

In any case, Maria Naruse’s is free as she was pardoned by her older sister.

Meanwhile, here’s Mio Naruse getting intimate with one of the locals at the bath house.

Standing behind Mio-chan is Noel, one of Lars’ childhood friends back at the orphanage. But you know what, let’s enjoy Noel groping Mio’s breasts!

I mean, it has the right elasticity and firmness for Mio’s tits! But that’s about it for Episodes 16 and 17.

And to end my post, here’s Ramsus as while he wants peace between demons and heroes, he wants to have Mio Naruse’s power all by himself.

Of course, Basara doesn’t want his adopted sister getting hurt just because she possess Wilbert’s powers. So, he resorts to having a conversation with Mio’s uncle.

Anyways, I’ll see you next month for Episodes 18 and 19. Let’s hope that his dialogue with Ramsus will be good!

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