Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm Episode #05

Um Gonzo, mosaics are used for covering something disgusting or naughty, so there’s no need for Misaki’s face to censor it!

Now then, it’s time to aim for the national tournament starting with the qualifiers!

While Reiko Satouin and Misaki Tobisawa won their first match at the expense of their respective opponents, namely Mashiro Arisaka and Rika Ichinose, it’s Shion Aoyagi’s time to shine after being out for so long.

His opponent for the first round is Saki Inui, who got her first taste of playing Flying Circus is England, the birthplace of the sport itself. And by the way, the Brits invented Monty Python and thus invented Flying Circus (minus the holy hand grenades)!

Now for Saki Inui as she’s not related to Masaya Hinata’s retirement, but her skills are professional-like that Shion is no match for her. Well, so much for the captain’s last dance!

Meanwhile, here’s Asuka Kurashina as she’s going to face her first opponent, Arika Okoze.

While she’s a first-year student just like Mashiro and Rika-chan, Arika shows that she got spunk…

…especially when she zigzags Asuka towards the buoy!

But even so, Kurashina wasn’t discourage about Okoze’s FC skills as she’s pumped up to catch Arika up.

In the end though, Asuka Kurashina beat Arika Okoze with 4 points compared to Arika’s 3 points. While it’s a first victory for Kurashina, I’m worried that she might lose on the second round if she met Saki Inui.

Oh wait, let’s think positive as I want Asuka to win the second round and beyond! Anyways, see ya next episode!

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