Active Raid -Mobile Assault Division, Unit 8- Episode #06

Well, we got some giant robots on this episode. That’s wicked sick!

But then again, they’re not here to destroy aliens from another planet as these robots are here to demonstrate how awesome they are!

Oh yeah, and here’s Yasuharu Funasaka as he’s joined by Asami Kazari to watch both Drew and Morgan in action!

By the way, while he’s a lousy poker player as seen in last week’s episode, Funasaka-san wanted to become a robot pilot when he was a kid. Too bad though as giant robots were superseded by Willwearss as they’re fuel-inefficient.

In any case, Funasaka’s dreams has ended and he can only witness the good old days on those robots.

Well, except for this old guy named Makoto Shimura who was supposed to become Morgan’s official pilot, but the program was cancelled because giant robots are considered obsolete.

Now with the help from Mythos and the rest of Logos, Makoto can finally pilot Morgan…

…in the worst possible timing! Not only this giant robot is wrecking havoc in Akihabara, but Morgan is equipped with a sleep-inducing machine which would be problematic for both Kuroki and Sena.

Well, that’s sucks for both officers on this episode!

Fortunately, there’s another robot pilot who can stop Morgan from doing more harm than good.

With the help from the original creator Dr. Kasumigaseki, he and his old crew returned to fix Drew up just for Funasaka to realize his childhood dream!

That’s right, he’s obviously gonna pilot Drew and I gotta say that this giant robot battle is amazing to watch.

Even though it was his first time actually piloting Drew, Yasuharu Funasaka did his best to hold Morgan up until its batteries ran out. In any case, it was awesome to see giant robots battling out!

Sadly though, Dr. Kasumigaseki passed away after fixing Drew. However, he did leave a great legacy which Funasaka-san will hold it dear until his last breath.

As for Kazari, she got a good time hanging out with Funasaka and his giant robot hobbies, even though it’s kinda old for her. But anyways, I’ll see you on next week’s episode!

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