Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Episode #05

So I was bummed in last week’s episode where Aqua dispel Dullahan’s curse, saving Darkness-chan in the process instead of going into the castle and defeat the enemy. But hey, at least Kazuma Satou and his party drive the Dullahan away… except that they got little money for pushing the enemy out of town.

So in order to get themselves strapped with cash, most notably Aqua, they’re here at the lake for a purification quest. Oh and as for the cage?

Well, the lake is infested by alligators which were attracted by the lake’s foul smell. C’mon, they like living in swamp-like environments!

Naturally, Aqua is well-protected inside the cage as she begins her purification process, as if her life depends on it!

As for the rest of the party, they’re just here to watch Aqua’s purification process, although Darkness-chan wants to go inside the cage and get eaten by gators because she loves it!

And after 7 hours, the lake is completely purified and the gators went south. Of course, Aqua got mentally-scarred as the result of this quest, not to mention that the reward was used for repairing her cage.

Meanwhile, here’s a new character introduced on this episode named Kyouya Mitsurugi, a reincarnated hero who is basically living the dream of slaying monsters and bringing peace to the land, complete with a costume and his trusty cursed sword Gram!

Yeah, this contrast to Kazuma-san who is pessimistic despite having insanely good luck, as well as having party members who are mostly useless for the most part.

Now let’s go back to Kyouya as he made a promise to a certain goddess that he’ll save the world from evil demon lords…

Said goddess happened to be Aqua who is still cooped up in her cage. After all, she’s scared of going outside of it!

That’s when Kyouya saw Aqua’s plight and- C’mon, Aqua took the quest by herself and she traumatized by it!

Also, good thing Studio DEEN make those weird reaction faces from time to time, but it’s time for Kyouya Mitsurugi to challenge Kazuma Satou to a duel. Whoever wins will keep Aqua for life!

But it seems that Kazuma got the upper-hand as he stole Kyouya’s sword Gram…

…and smash it to his noggin for a knock-out. And apart from having a weird face drawn by Studio DEEN, Kyouya lost the duel and Kazuma can keep Aqua as his party member.

Oh yeah and as for the cursed sword Gram, Kazuma sold it for an undisclosed amount. Also, Kyouya paid 300,000 eris to Aqua as compensation for her trauma after purifying the lake.

While I don’t know how much eris he has left, but Kazuma’s pocket got burned badly!

Anyways, let’s end this episode where we have the return of… Dullahan? Wait, I thought that he’ll only appeared in Episode 4?

Oh well, at least this guy is back and he’s pissed that Kazuma and his party didn’t go to his castle! Well then, I hope that there would be an epic battle coming up next week!

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  1. dyingearth says:

    Slight mistake in the review. Kazuma made good money in this episode. Kyouya seriously got screwed. First off, he had to pay for the cage damage that he inflicted, plus Aqua conned him out another 100k Eris. And since Kazuma can’t use the sword, he just plain sold it. Hey, it’s the logical way of disposing useless item.

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