Musaigen no Phantom World Episode #06

Kurumi Kumamakura, the girl who always has her teddy bear Albrecht. While she has lop bunny-like hair, Kurumi always likes bears!

On the other hand, Kurumi is shy towards people even though she’s starting to talk to the likes of Mai-cchi and her group!

But anyways, let’s go to this week’s episode where Kurumi was transported to another world together with Haruhiko Ichijou!

Sorry Mai Kawakami and the gang, but you’re demoted to extra on this episode.

So they went to a dream-like world, but it’s actually Kurumi’s conscience where it’s filled with mushrooms and bears… lots and lots of bears!

Let’s hope that this episode won’t have “Kuma Shock” and “Delicious Smell, Gau Gau~!” just like Yuri Kuma Arashi.

Speaking of bears, we have Albrecht who not only speaks but acts as the knight in shining armor to Kurumi-chan. Well, she treats him as such from the day Kurumi was born!

Of course, the reason why Albrecht acted as Kurumi’s bodyguard (for this world at least) is because of this bear named Prince Salmon du Higuman III, who wanted to marry Kurumi-chan!

You know what, this is Kurumi’s world and she can do what she want!

All she needs is to transform into a magical girl with a giant golden rake! It’s ridiculous, but this is Kurumi Kumamakura who is having a good time in her dream world!

In any case, she mustered her courage to defeat Prince Salmon and got out of her dream world in triumph together with Haruhiko!

Anyways, it was a good episode this week and let’s hope that Mai Kawakami’s team will do better now that Kurumi finally joined the gang!

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