GATE: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri Episode #18

Well, it’s just another day at the Special Region after the events from last week’s episode.

While he receive commendations after slaying the Fire Dragon (except for the Empire which are biased towards humans), Lt. Youji Itami couldn’t take a rest as he and his friends went to the magic city of Rondel where Lelei la Lalena will try to become a grand master magician!

Speaking of Lelei, she’s doing fine driving a military vehicle despite being 15 years old.

In any case, she’ll be very busy in Rondel as Lelei will have to deal with Arpeggio El Lalena, apart from attaining the grand master rank.

And by the way, Arpeggio is actually Lelei’s big sister who’s very unsuccessful in many ways compared to Lelei!

Now let’s go back to the Empire where they’re having peace negotiations with Japan.

And apart from Sherry Thierry trying to make Kouji Sugawara as her husband, things are looking good so far…

…except for Prince Zolzal where he’s bitter that the Empire will have to accept the peace negotiations. Also, Princess Piña Co Lada is fine though as the negotiations are moving forward!

But let’s go back to Prince Zolzal as despite Emperor Molt choosing him as the next heir to the throne, he’ll just become a figurehead as Emperor Molt will manipulate him from the shadows.

Fortunately for Zolzal, he’s not gonna be someone’s pawn anymore as Emperor Molt was poisoned to death! I wonder who assassinate him at this- Wait, I think it’s Tyuule who ordered the assassination in Zolzal’s stead.

Well, this peace negotiations will be in great jeopardy. And while the Empire will point fingers at Japan for orchestrating the assassination, let’s just say that it’s all according to Zol- I mean Tyuule’s plan!

Anyways, next week will be the fallout and it’s gonna get ugly from now on…

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