HaruChika: Haruta to Chika Wa Seishun Suru Episode #06

Well, it’s the new school year and Chika Homura is doing her best to recruit new members. Of course, she’ll have to compete against Shunya Nagoe and the Drama Club!

On the other hand, Chika-chan is making progress in regards to playing the flute. Then again, she’s still a beginner compared to the rest of the Brass Band Club.

Meanwhile, there’s a new character introduced named Naoko Serizawa who came from a family of politicians and corporate leaders. Then again, Naoko-san wanted to pursue a music career by playing the clarinet.

Unfortunately for Serizawa, she’s somewhat an elitist where Naoko doesn’t want to join the Brass Band Club (for now at least), despite the fact that she always sneaks into the music room and get the clarinet. Also, Serizawa has hearing problems that she’s starting to lose it back in middle school, when Naoko was hit in the noggin by one of Chika’s volleyball spike. Of course, that’s a rumor though!

So while she’s resorted to using hearing aids, seems that Serizawa lost it and when the Brass Band Club found the aids, it was broken. So for now, Naoko Serizawa is resorted to using cup telephone to have a conversation with her fellow classmates.

In any case, let’s hope that when her hearing aids are fixed, Naoko Serizawa can join the Brass Band Club on the next episode!

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