Heavy Object Episode #18

Here’s Monica and while Qwenthur’s childhood friend is bored, this would be her only appearance on this episode!

Anyways, let’s move onto this episode where thanks to Nutsley’s backstabbing, Qwenthur Barbotage’s team failed to sabotage the UAVs, and now the enemy Object code-named Wing Balancer has appeared with its jump-jets blazing out.

Naturally, those who got caught in Wing Balancer’s path would be blown away!

And sadly for Havia Winchell’s team, both Cookman and Westie got caught by Wing Balancer’s jump-jets and sent them flying towards the abyss.

Well, that’s unfortunately and only Havia and Myongli survived this ordeal!

Meanwhile, seems that Charlotte Zoom and Qwenthur Barbotage survived the attack from Nutsley.

Now, both of them are currently inside a diamond mine where it houses civilians from the Faith Organization. And speaking of civilian, these people have anti-war sentiments which it doesn’t bode with the higher-ups from both the Legitimate Kingdom and the Faith Organization.

So apart from planning to claim the diamond mine at the Kamchatka Peninsula, they want those civilians killed off by placing them in a cross-fire between the Baby Magnum and the Wing Balancer. After all, both organizations want to continue waging war with one another!

Moving onto the last part where Havia and Myongli met up with Qwenthur and Charlotte, although Havia is pissed that both Cookman and Westie were dead!

Of course, there’s no time for playing the blame game…

…as Nutsley is back to kill his Legitimate Kingdom comrades by piloting a powered suit.

Now I don’t know if he’s from the anti-war faction or he’s just a spy, but Nutsley is an asshole that must be punished!

Look at that smirk, makes me wanna punch this guy! Let’s hope that he’s dead on the next episode.

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